Cooling Towers and Steam Boilers

Cooling Towers and Steam Boilers

Polychem supplies a complete range of chemicals and associated equipment for cooling towers and steam boilers.

Thanks to our broad experience, we can identify, prevent and sort out the different problems associated with treating industrial wastewater.

Through process optimization au automation, our experienced representative can help you reduce the use of chemicals while maintaining the highest standards of water quality.

With our support, you can reduce the number of times you have to stop the treatment process and cut down on equipment maintenance time, while protecting your equipment and extending its service life. This will also help you minimize energy cost and water consumption.

We believe that water treatment is not only about using chemicals. You will also benefit from our on-site expertise and technical support, including :

  • Equipment inspection
  • Operator training
  • Analytical laboratory support
  • Technical reports and follow-ups
  • Treatment program development

Preassembled treatment and analysis systems

Treatment program selection and follow-up

Supply of custom chemicals:

  • Biodispersants
  • Phosphonates
  • Microbiological controls
  • Condensate return treatment
  • Scaling inhibitors
  • Corrosion inhibitors
  • Biocides

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